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Virtual Reality

Ready to experience the awsomeness of VR - Virtual Reality?  Now you can here at Minotaur Sports.  Step into the The Minotaur VR Room. Strap on the HTC Vive VR Systems and get ready to be amazed, thrilled and wowed all at the same time.

With your choice of games and applications your time will seem to go quickly.  Thats because your having a blast ands won't want to leave.

VR Experiences are booked in 1/2 Hr Increments so when you book your time and want an hour, make sure you book the second time slot aswell!  This can be fun for the wholle Family.

What to Expect

In your VR session, you'll quickly realize why people all over the world are falling in love VR. 

Once you setup and immersed by one of our Staf you will be HOOKED!

​Experience New Worlds and New ways of Gaming with teh HTV VIVE!


Through Vive Arcade and the Steam System, we maintain a whole host of Games and experiences.  From Scary to Fun we have somthing for everyone.

- Seriuos Sam
- Gorn
- Sparc
- Robot City Stadium

To name a few.

Note : Bookings need to be made at least 3 Days in advance for Staffing Purposes.  If you dont see your desired choice in the bookng form please give us a call. As you may just be outside the booking window, and we may still be able to accomdate your group. Min age restriction applies (13 years old)